Treating Symptoms vs. Restoring Health

The best way to deal with a problem – in business, personal lives, engineering, etc. – is to identify the cause, address the cause and solve the problem. Unfortunately, modern medicine does not focus on identifying the cause. Traditional medicine suppresses symptoms. Done usually by poisoning patients with toxic drugs. Also by removing essential body parts (tonsils, appendix, gall bladder, thyroid, etc.) or exposing the patient to cancer causing radiation, sometimes all three tactics. Meanwhile, diseases remain chronic, and disease-care costs continue to escalate to unsustainable levels. Diseases are healed with nutrients and the removal of toxins, not with drugs and surgical scalpels.

Most people wait until they get sick, then go to a doctor and hope to get well. This practice negates our own responsibility for health. Do we really think we can eat an unhealthy diet and live an unhealthy lifestyle? Do we think that our doctor will make us well after we have worked so hard for so long, to make ourselves sick?

Make A Choice

Health and disease are choices. We, as a society and as individuals, are the ones making those choices. Today, health is compromised on so many levels. If we want to improve our health, prevent or reverse disease and extend life; we have to make special choices in order to compensate. We cannot rely on physicians to “fix” us after we have spent decades making ourselves sick. Almost all physicians are stuck in the old disease-care paradigm. They have no idea how to restore cells to health, unless they have moved to Functional Medicine. (More on this field in a later post).

The responsibility for health is ours. So, we must teach this to our children, so they and their children, can claim their birthright to lifelong good health. We must also ask our governments and society at large; we need to contemplate the following issues. We allow soft drink and candy vending machines in our schools. Medical insurance covers antiquated traditional treatments, such as mammography (which spreads cancer cells by squishing tumors), but does not cover safer, more effective alternatives like Thermography (which can detect tumors YEARS before a mammogram). We allow the government to subsidize the dairy and sugar industries? Why do we allow genetically modified foods to be sold without labeling and without adequate testing for safety? Why do we continue to allow the use of fluoride in our drinking water?

Germs Vs. The True Cause of Disease

The popular misconception is that micro-organisms cause infections. But to be a true case, the micro-organisms would have to produce the same effect all the time. This is not the case. Not everyone who is exposed to a particular organism (bacteria or virus) gets sick. Not everyone who gets sick, does so to the same degree.

In truth, whether or not someone develops an infection depends on the balance between several factors. These being the virulence of the organism, the number of organisms and most importantly, the strength of the immune system.

We live in a sea of micro-organisms. They do not make us sick until we alter the natural balance between them and us. Our normal co-existence with germs rather than a germ-free environment ensures our health. Over sanitizing, over washing and cleaning everything with rubbing alcohol will only weaken the immune system. This makes it easier for bacteria and virus to enter the body. Keep this in mind as you continue to spray down everything in our homes. Our immune systems need germs to practice on or it becomes weak.

When we eat sugar and nutrient deficient diets, expose ourselves to toxins, lose sleep, fail to exercise and fail to adapt to stress, our immunity becomes depressed and we open the door to infection. Then we blame the germ, when really, we are to blame. Rather than being obsessed with germs and rushing for flu shots (and this new Corona mRNA shot, of which long term effects are not known) and scrubbing every inch of our bodies with anti-bacterial soaps, optimizing our immunity would be a far better AND safer approach.

The idea that germs cause disease is so ingrained in us, many have difficulty making the shift to the new way of thinking. But to avoid infections, we must do exactly that. People such as the Hunzas lived well into their hundreds without ever having so much as cold, not because they took flu shots but because they were healthy, and their immune systems were strong. In truth, only sick people get sick. The problem is we spend decades making ourselves sick, all the while thinking we are healthy.

Time to take control back of your health and stop over sanitizing your world. When I was a kid, I lived on a farm, walking in manure in my bare feet, swam in ponds with tadpoles, same ponds our ducks and geese pooped in. I drank raw milk and ate fruit off the trees and vegetables from our garden. My mother did not run me to the emergency room whenever I got a cut, She just cleaned it and put a bandage on it. We did not get a flu shot every year and in all the years growing up on that farm, we did not even do tetanus shots.

Now, I would not recommend that last one, however, a doctor told me years ago that only 20% of the population needs a booster every 10 years of the tetanus shot, only they have no way of knowing which 20%, so they just boost everyone. REALLY??? Not a brilliant medical system if you ask me!!!

Is this what our world is coming to????? THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

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