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What is Black Seed Oil?

The Magic of Thymoquinone

Black Seed Oil Benefits! (The SHORT List)

  • Analgesic (pain relief): Many have used this for Arthritis pain. You can try capsules or rubbing the oil directly onto the affected area. Do a patch test first to check for sensitivity.
  • Acne: Apply a gel, containing Black Seed oil (can mix with aloe vera) may help acne prone skin
  • Anti-Aging: Apply a small amount to the skin. You can mix with other essential oils such as almond oil. It can cause irritation for some, so be sure to do a small patch test before using if you feel you may be sensitive.
  • Anti-Bacterial and Anti Fungal: Apply topically to affected area.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Take internally, follow label instructions.
  • Anti-Hypertensive – blood pressure may be reduced by taking black seed oil. Allow 4 – 6 weeks to see improvement.
  • Antioxidant – naturally targets free radicals that lead to everything from cardio-vascular disease, auto-immune diseases, cataracts to wrinkles and hair loss, etc. Apply topically.
  • Anti-Viral: Take internally and follow label instructions
  • Anti-Diabetic – 2gm of black seed a day resulted in reduced fasting glucose, decreased insulin resistance, increased beta-cell function, and reduced glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) in human subjects.

But Wait, There’s MORE…

  • Asthma: (and COPD) has been helped with Black Seed oil when used in conjunction with prescribed inhalers. Some may say that it is the prescribed meds and not the Black seed oil, however, if you try this, you will know if this is the case. Every “Body” is different and reacts differently.
  • Liver Protectant
  • Kidney Protectant
  • Neuroprotective – think Alzheimer’s

In Closing…

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