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The Covid-19 Vaccine-What Have We Learned?

OK, by now, we are all tired of hearing the fear mongering around Covid-19. It is becoming old news. Many an anxiety attack I used to have at the beginning of this whole pandemic. The more I focused on how best to keep healthy, everything lead me to my Immune System and still does. I can promise you, this WILL happen again. The ‘experts” will try to frighten the population so that another “med” can be tested.

It is just faster this way, never mind the consequences! NOT one of the “Health Experts” over the past 3 years, including the now disgraced, Dr. Fauci, have bothered to state the obvious – keeping YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM STRONG to avert the Covid-19 virus!! There is no money in healthy people. Healthy people will not line up for a vaccine with a chemical cocktail including all sorts of preservatives. So now, why not check this list of ingredients out.

Some vaccines still use Thimerosal (mercury) as well as Squalene or MF59 (shark origin). Our bodies naturally produce this but declines as we age. This is used as an adjuvant which is supposed to strengthen and lengthen the immune response to the vaccine. The synthetic version of squalene (MF59) also contains small amounts of Polysorbate 80. This is an emulsifier which keeps all the chemicals in the vaccine nicely mixed, keeping them from separating! Guess this avoids the nurse/doctor who is administering the shot from having to violently shake the vaccine ingredients before injecting!!!

And cholesterol is another ingredient in the Pfizer Covid vaccine. Apparently this helps the entry of the covid virus INTO the host cell!!! Now I thought cholesterol was a bad thing!!!


Why Do Your Own Research On Vaccines?

First off, WHY NOT? Your body is worth the time it takes to question something, don’t you think?
I would never talk anyone out of a vaccine, just do your research. Ask LOTS of questions.
Over 5 BILLION dollars ( YES, that is a 5 followed by 9 ZEROS!) has been paid out for Vaccine Injuries since 1989. This is no wonder when you see the list of vaccines ingredients (shown above) including aluminum (that has been proven to be found the in the brains of those suffering with Alzheimer’s), and mercury. Is there no Vitamin Injury Fund for payouts for those injured by Vitamin C or Vitamin D, perhaps maybe because there ARE NO vitamin injuries?? Take a look at these payouts, unbelievable!

First off, I want to make one thing VERY clear. I am not an “anti-vaxxer”, I am PRO-CHOICE! I have travelled around the world in my younger years and I have had to be vaccinated depending on the country I was travelling to. The Yellow Fever shot, GAVE me a mild case of Yellow Fever. The flu NEVER felt like that. The Meningitis shot gave me dermographia for 2 years, and lasted into my first pregnancy. I was taking Seldane everyday because the itching and red welts were unbearable. ( I now understand that Seldane is not as readily available due to causing heart issues! Thank goodness my baby was healthy and so are her kids!) If I travelled today, to any destination that required a shot, I would take it BECAUSE they have been tested over decades with TONS of clinical research.

The covid-19 vaccine was NOT a choice for many and many lost their businesses and jobs because they chose not to participate in the clinical trial. I chose NOT to participate and did not appreciate the judging. We can now see that most of the hype they were pushing in the beginning was not true. It did not have 95% efficacy, it did not stop you from getting it and it did not stop transmission.

The Truth Is Slowly Surfacing

Just recently the state of Texas is suing Pfizer because of it’s claim of efficacy. Pfizer claimed 95% efficacy for the covid-19 vaccine in their trials. This is Relative Risk. In actuality, it was 0.84% efficacy which is Absolute Risk. Click on this link and then hit “View PDF”, top of page 2 is the chart showing ALL the vaccines they kept claiming as “safe and effective”. It is scary what was reported compared to what the TRUTH was. In short, not really of any use and was NOT worth shutting the world down-BUT it did succeed in showing governments that they can have COMPLETE control of their populations by spreading fear.

The Covid-19 vaccine was not like the traditional vaccines of old. Here is the difference.

This is an informative article. If you look at the comparison chart between mRNA and Traditional vaccines, the good old fashioned ones are still my preference. Personally speaking, I am not crazy about any “product” producing a protein on my cells, “just in case” I contact that specific virus. Guess I am just old fashioned. If I take a vaccine, I prefer that it TEACH my body to recognize it and then destroy it!! My analogy would be, if something attacks my body, I want my “army” of my immune system to rush in and destroy it. This is opposed to have the army ready EVERYWHERE on the look out for the “just in case”. To me, it is always on alert and on-call, 24/7-over worked!!!

Again, I encourage you doing your own research on the covid vaccine, for yourself and not take my opinion or anyone else’s for that matter!!

Do You Think A Vaccine Will Work?

The Covid-19 Virus vaccine ingredients will cause side effects, perhaps injuries, because it was so quickly developed, and this vaccine is not going to protect you while your diet consists of junk food and diet soda. It is LIFESTYLE that is the root of most illnesses. If you were not born with it, you DEVELOPED it. AND if you DEVELOPED it, you can UN-DEVELOP it.

Epigentics is a science that has already proven that our cells are dependent on the environment in
which they live. Just think about it. How healthy would we be if we inhaled car exhaust every
day as opposed to fresh, clean air? We are all affected by the environment in which we live. Same goes for our cells! Even though your genes may have a disposition towards a certain disease, this is not a sentence for your health. If your family for example, carries the gene for cancer, and several in your family have developed it; this is not necessarily your fate.

The ONLY thing that is genetic are your eating habits, learned at the supper table and lifestyle habits, learned by observation. Both of these factors can be changed by YOUR choice! Same for your immune system, you can keep it healthy by diet and exercise or you can weaken it with prescription drugs, smoking, excess alcohol consumption, etc. We all still have the freedom to choose – FOR NOW!

Christine-The Vitamin Queen

Senior Research Associate in the field of Child Development and Human Relations, Natural Health Consultant, Author, Independent Natural Health Researcher. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to learn about how our bodies work to keep us healthy and how we can help it!

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