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Milk Does NOT Do a Body Good!

Milk is usually touted as necessary for good health in adults and children. Milk’s reputation as a highly nutritious food is undeserved. In reality, modern milk is a highly toxic and an allergenic, make-believe food. Canada may produce a lot of milk, and the Milk Marketing Board may try to convince us to drink lots of milk, but milk does not do a body good.

According to pediatrician Russell Bunai, M.D., in a 1994 issue of Natural Health, the one single change to diet that could provide the greatest health benefits is the elimination of milk. In the 2013 edition of his book, “Don’t Drink Your Milk”, Dr. Frank Oski, former director of the Department of Pediatrics at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, said “We should all stop drinking milk….it was designed for cows, not humans”.

The Milk Myth Continues…

This claim is not what your mother told you (because she herself was misled). It is not what the dairy industry would have you believe, but it is true. The idea that milk is a necessary and healthy part of the human diet is a myth. Most of the world’s population (about 70 percent) does not drink milk or consume other dairy products (including cheese, yogurt, ice cream and sour cream) for good reasons. In nature, no animal drinks the milk of another species. Feeding elephant milk to cats, mouse milk to giraffes or cow milk to humans is not a good idea. Cow milk, especially in the forms found in the local super market, is not good food. In fact, it is a dead food.

Those with lactose intolerance cannot drink pasteurized milk because it is missing the lactase enzyme needed to digest the lactose in it. Now raw milk on the other hand (non-pasteurized) is a whole food and contains the enzymes necessary to digest the lactose in the milk. Pasteurization kills not only the supposed bad bacteria in the milk, but also the enzymes to digest it. Someone that suffers from lactose intolerance can drink raw milk without issue. I have been witness to this. The problem here is that the Milk Marketing Board has such control of the milk supply, that trying to get raw milk in Ontario, for example, is probably more difficult than finding illegal drugs. The fines are astronomical for any farmer that sells raw milk to the public. They cannot even GIVE it away. It must be dumped.

The only way around this is if you actually “own” the cow or part of it in the way of a “cow share”. (Update-Not sure if this option is still available as the crackdowns on farmers have been harsh. My son has grown up and moved out, but STILL does not drink milk!) This loop hole allowed the farms to sell their raw milk to you, if you purchased a “share” of the cow.

This milk is very expensive. I used to pay upwards of $250 a month JUST for milk. My oldest son could not drink pasteurized milk. It was worth EVERY dime!!! Fresh milk, cream, homemade butter and cheese as well as yogurt were all consumed. All without preservatives. The way natural food was intended. I grew up on raw milk as child before it became so highly regulated or I dare say, controlled.

Milk Did Not Do Good for My Son

I discovered this when my son’s lungs started wheezing and I took him to the doctor. He was diagnosed with asthma and prescribed steroids-asthma inhaler, (no tests, just a guess). This got me researching as I was sure that he did not have asthma. I read that pasteurized milk was mucus forming, and my son drank A LOT of milk. I put him on Almond milk and low and behold, wheezing stopped and he could breathe. Tried the store milk again, and the “asthma” returned. How many young kids are on steroid inhalers for their “asthma” when all they need to do is stop drinking cow’s milk.

Now my son LOVED his milk and when I read that raw milk was not mucus forming like the store bought version, my quest began to source raw milk. I had no idea how difficult this was going to be. When I found a farm, the barrage of questioning was unreal. When I spoke with the farmer, I was told that inspectors are constantly watching and they wanted to make sure that I was not one of them. When I got my first jar of fresh milk, I poured my son a glass. He first sniffed it as he had never tried raw milk. Smelled like milk – then he tasted it and LOVED it. He had his milk again. NO WHEEZING after drinking glasses a day for weeks on end.

Now, getting the milk on a weekly basis was a journey, so sometimes, we went a week without. I tried the Organic Whole Pasteurized milk, and within 2 days, the wheezing was back. I did this 4 times so it was not a co-incidence. It was raw milk, almond milk or cashew milk. NO Soy milk, and I will save that for another Blog Post. No more pasteurized milk was allowed in our household.

But Isn’t Milk High in Calcium?

According to a study by the British Medical Journal (BMJ), high milk consumption is associated with a higher instance of mortality and and fractures. Let me touch on osteoporosis for example. Pasteurized milk is slightly acidic. When consuming acidic foods, the body needs to alkalize it, therefore, taking calcium FROM THE BONES to alkalize the milk. Let me say that again, pasteurized milk ROBS the bones of calcium. Look it up!!

Actually milk can deplete nutrients from our bodies – acting as an anti-nutrient, just like sugar and white flour. Metabolizing some of the fats in milk (particularly when the milk is pasteurized) uses up essential fatty acids, one of the most serious nutritional deficiencies. For all these reasons, foods containing pasteurized milk fats are at the top of the list of “foods to be avoided.” Additionally, if pasteurized milk fats are not properly metabolized (because of an essential fatty acid deficiency) then the fat may be deposited in the arteries, contributing to cardiovascular disease. This is not a “perhaps” but a “for sure.”

No allopathic doctor will tell you the following. If you take high amounts of calcium in ANY form, unless your diet consists of foods rich in vitamin K2, or you take a supplemental K2, the calcium will be deposited directly into your arteries and cause calcification. A very dear friend of mine had open heart surgery a few years ago. He was also a HUGE skim milk drinker – thinking this was better for him as it was “fat free”.

Well, his 3 hour surgery stretched to over 5 hours, as the surgeon told his wife that the extra time was needed to scrape all the calcium off the lower half of his heart! Needless to say, there is only almond milk in the house now.

Interesting note – Calves fed raw milk remain healthy, but calves fed pasteurized milk typically die within eight weeks. If a calf cannot benefit from pasteurized milk, how can a human? This is a very interesting study that was done in Canada.

Well – Where Do I Get Calcium Then?

Where does a cow, a horse or an elephant get their calcium from? They get it from plants, which are rich in all kinds of minerals – including calcium. Dark green vegetable such as broccoli, chard, kale and spinach are rich in absorbable calcium. If you supplement with calcium, the best form for the body is an algae based form and not the limestone version (calcium carbonate), that is flooding the market. Algae is food, limestone is a rock! Cow’s milk contains a lot of phosphorous, which prevents calcium absorption.

Also cow’s milk is low in magnesium, which humans need in order for the body to utilize calcium. If you do drink pasteurized cow’s milk, know that your body cannot utilize the calcium, so instead it can build up and form kidney stones, bone spurs, gout and as mentioned above, atherosclerotic plaque.

Think about it, if milk was really so good for us, then we should have the strongest bones in the world. Instead, we have one of the highest osteoporosis rates in the world, and we are not alone. All other countries with high milk consumption also have very high levels of osteoporosis. For example, Osteoporosis and fragility fractures are believed to be uncommon in Africa.

Milk allergies are the primary cause of ear infections in children. These are very common and results in a trip to the doctor for antibiotics, when all that is required are ear drops with garlic and olive oil, AND ease up on the pasteurized milk. These ear drops can be purchased at any reputable natural health store. Just ask the staff-they are a wealth of information!

In Conclusion…

I want to leave you with this thought. No one has died drinking raw milk, yet it is illegal to buy. Acetaminophen kills hundreds every year, yet you can walk into any store that sells NSAIDS (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs ) and buy a bottle.

Always do your own research from several sources, and QUESTION, QUESTION, QUESTION!!!

Christine-The Vitamin Queen

Senior Research Associate in the field of Child Development and Human Relations, Natural Health Consultant, Author, Independent Natural Health Researcher. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to learn about how our bodies work to keep us healthy and how we can help it!

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