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DNA Control in the Palm of Your Hands!

My Passion

It all started in 2003 when my father was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. I didn’t know much back then about the body, cancer, or why we get sick. I always thought that getting a major illness was just dealt out by fate. Boy was I mistaken!

As my sister and I tried to understand his illness by reading, we heard that Noni juice was good as was breast milk!! If I knew then what I know now, he just may have been with us a little longer!! As I researched and read everything I could get my hands on after he passed away, the angrier I got. I discovered that something as simple as removing all types of sugar from his diet, including fruit, may have lengthened his survival time.

There is More to Learn about Cancer

Cancer cells survive on sugar! You can literally starve them to death by removing this. Second is oxygenating the body. Cancer cannot live in an oxygen rich environment. Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1931 for discovering this. Unfortunately, this has been swept under the rug by Big Pharma. As you can imagine, not much profit in promoting natural methods. The book that probably opened my eyes up the most to the lies being fed to cancer patients was “Cancer is Not a Disease, It Is A Survival Mechanism” by Andreas Moritz.

The industry tries to frighten you by telling you that chemo and radiation is the ONLY way to beat it. That is NOT necessarily true, and you DO have some time to research. I have noticed that the title of the book has been adjusted recently to “It’s a Healing Mechanism”. If you get the chance to read it, it is an eye opener! Another excellent book is “Chris Beat Cancer” by Chris Wark. A truly inspirational story of his journey with cancer at the tender age of 26!!

I am hoping to educate my readers, and let you know that in life, you ALWAYS have a choice. You are allowed to ask questions of doctors and do you own research. Never be afraid to ask for second and third opinions and to find a doctor that will work WITH you and not treat you like an unknowing puppet that will just do as you are told. Remember, that every BODY is different and what works for one will not necessarily will work for another. Modern medicine (if you can call it that) will usually cut, burn or poison their patients “back to health”. If you got sick “naturally”, then suffice to say that you can get well “naturally”, you just have to make different choices. In short, if you were not born with it, you developed it and if you developed it, you can “un-develop” it.

Something to Keep in Mind

And one final note, do not let ANY doctor tell you “well you have the “blah blah” gene in your family-it’s in your DNA, that’s why you got this illness, there was no way to avoid it.” If a doctor tries to feed you this bag of sawdust-ask him to explain Epiginetics to you. If the colour drains from his face and he tries to change the subject-GET ANOTHER DOCTOR! And NEVER let anyone frighten you into Chemo or Radiation within days of a diagnosis.

By the time a growth is found, you have had it growing within you for up to 5 years. Cancer cells are abundant in EVERYONE. Tumours grow, and disappear on their own every month. It is all clearly explained in Andreas Moritz’s book. In short, cancer cells in our body actually keep us alive. Strange but true!!

This site will be filled with educational information to help you get back to health! I do have to mention though, that I am not a doctor or a naturopath. I just have a passion for knowledge. Do not try anything suggested on this site without consulting a natural healthcare practitioner to make sure that it is right for you. The final choice is always yours, DNA control is in the palm of your hands. You know your body better than anyone!!

Update: I have noticed that recently, the world’s FIRST vaccine for Cancer is being introduced. Sorry, but RED FLAGS for me. Cancer is a weak immune system, chemo slowly destroys your immune system, radiation burns your cells. Not sure HOW a vaccine is going to boost immunity, and do for your body what it has been designed to do for itself. If the pharmaceutical industry is involved, it is with patented substances because no patent can be held on anything natural. Big Pharma = Big Profit. Just my personal opinion. If you are leaning towards “volunteering”, please make sure you have done your research and asked a TON of questions!

This is ME!!

Stay Tuned……

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